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Mohammad Minhajuddin by Nileen Putatunda

Promising LLM student of Jamia Millia Islamia,

You were brutally punished by the police 

At the behest of their political masters, 

Who want to divide India on religious lines, 

In the central library of your university 

Losing vision in your left eye, 

But you have not lost your spirit in the least, 

You want to do your PhD to serve Truth; 

Know that Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, 

One of India’s finest cricket captains, 

Who had lost vision in his right eye in an accident 

Which did not much deter his batsmanship and fielding 

And who is now in Allah’s army of angels, 

Will specially heal your sight 

Together with Mas Saraswati, Durga, Mary 

Who are watching carefully and with anguish 

The totalitarian state that the land of Ramakrishna and Gandhi 

Has been turned into by Modi, Shah, and their sycophants, 

Still oblivious of the wrath of the gods. 



(with gratitude to Arunav Patnaik; Nitish Verghese; Rajdeep Sardesai; NDTV; all brave journalists; Google; Wikipedia; 


21st December, 2019, Kolkata 


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