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Nihilism by Subhadeep Paul

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My childhood dreams

Are vanishing mangroves

I’ve been adjusted now

To plastic flora in the drawing room

I don’t have to figure things out

With painted fruits and veggies

Crafted by wood

Placed on racks of wood

Praised by wooden visitors

The garden alluvium is sad tonight 

Alongside me

The mahogany at the corner

Will be axed tomorrow

The minister is the highest bidder

The home loss of my bird pals

The migration of melody

Shouldn’t bother me

I’ll buy a digital alarm

Set an avian ringtone

One can purchase melody

With the magic of incremental money. 

But one slack day

Thieves will steal the stash

They’ll leave behind nothing

The garden

The mahogany

The birds

The flowers

And the money!


Unknown said…
Touched heart
So well expressed
Images abound
Acts enacted
Simply wonderful

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