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Two Poems by Boidurjyo Bose




Tremendous colourful black,

Memory creases into feline doors ,

Cute love weighs heavy on this Calcutta summer, and 

A constant taunt from the cartwheels....


Her hands guide me through Gide's corridor,

I see weights and scales, dancing like paint brushes;

Can't paint and so deciding to join the dots in my dream—

Ashes fly, their wings revealing what motherly love can be,

Landing eggs on temples!


Falling down

Filling down

Falling down

I lose my hunger 

I gain sight

Everything turns water

Dissolves, dissolves,

End seems a myth,

I realize weight

A Vision

I rode my weeping bicycle along the goosebumps on my skin, one day...

That day no sun rose

That day the world forgot the moon

Only books of no-knowledge clouded the cat's home...

At the bent of the road stood

A friend from my last birth

Holding a placard that said

"Life is zinc"

With fresh ink I gulped him down...Alcoholic!

A tree shimmered in the distance—I neared

How covered it was with bats flown from the city's womb...

Wept, kept on weeping as if typing news for print...

I saw time hanging as an exposed fruit, I heard

A cab honking, I smelled

A door blearing,

The world flinching limbs

Everything seemed alright.


Suchismita said…
Your verses always bring a breath of fresh air to my imagination. Thought-provoking. Love the colours and imagery. Ekphrastic. Disconcerting but still a lovely montage!
Love how your poetry always bring a breath of fresh air to my imagination! Thought-provoking as usual. I adore your myriad imagery. They never fail to convey the hues of your mind palette. Ekphrastic. Disconcerting but still enthusing as it is almost a montage of your psyche... Disjointed thoughts put into verses... Constant in flux(such a paradox) replenishing us.
Debanjan Mitra said…
So so reminds me of T S Eliot and the Urban Noir Poetry that he envisaged during his lifetime. Also so synaesthetic and evocative of a sensitive person's lone musings when everything seems out of one's hand and still one has to move on amidst the tide of the times...

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