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Alien ways and Haiku by Moses Emehinola


             Alien ways

             Alien ways

   Rooted in the abnormal

             New ways

Which array masquerades

              Like men

          Oh professor!

  Now Fall Things Apart

         More than ever

       As one distances

  From others for safety

         When hunt we

    Monster that lurks in

          The shadows

           Of our hearts

    Forcing his biddings

       Tearing us apart.

        Orderly disorder

        Besets the land—

  Chamber of confusion

  As every colour dances

  Writhing in rhythm and

              Melody of

        The diva's voice

      Entertaining with a

         Dolent threnody


     The mouth of heaven

       Reposes in slumber.

    Save us from ruination

        We amble towards




Mankind’s greatest fiends

Monsters tearing us apart

Our colour and class.


This deep red river

Streams down gently from its spring

Your beautiful eyes.


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