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Four Poems by Ipsita Ganguli


Red on your hands

Red in your heart

Red, screaming Red

Red sprouting Red 

And this confounding Red

Reeking of blood, gore, war

Reeking of unbridled power

Reeking of unleashed atrocity

Also heals...

and flows in our veins

as love and life,

Alas this confounding Red 

How long must we swing

from this to the other end

Between love and war

between thesis and antithesis

Never quite getting the synthesis...

Centuries flow

Isms grow, rot, change into

Blood red

Bruised Purple

Iced blue

Furious orange

and Red again

Swinging, forever, the pendulum 

In this game of  life, strife, love

Red roses, crushed petals, crimson wine

overflow, one into the other...

The Dialectics continue

Thesis to Antithesis

The Isms at War 

But the Synthesis 

The quintessential synthesis

To Humanism

To Peace

To Balance

Alas, remains an ephemeral dream

A mirage that keeps moving away

The lovestory that never settles

And yet we Chase it 

Through the prism of isms

Through Blood and Rose

Through Human Timelessness 


Sitting on the other side

I often wonder

How we share the moon...

As we often do

Through timescapes 

Moonrise there

Moonset here

As time spins

And many moons later,

Here we are

Apart but together... 

Sharing moontime stories

And moonlit madness

Just the way

We used to... then

Many moons ago... 

Our little heart joins us now

With spasmodic giggles

Turning happy cartwheels 

In her own moon rhapsody

Making mooning memories... 

And so we moon on 

Together yet apart

Spinning into time

Spinning with it

The moon watching over us


Our love Story (Renga)

And I will love you

Truly, madly, fiercely,

Will you then burn out?



Hangs suspended on a thread

Swinginging like a pendulum

From one side to another 

Threatening to come crashing down

And I watch

Transfixed in a hyonotic gaze...

My stomach curling,

My breath short,

And yet it hangs on... 




Mirage like,

It flits and flutters

Like the butterfly wings

Tempting me to chase it,

Even as I am scared to move 

Till it, this magical Peace

Settles on the vapour 

Rising from my hot cuppa

And I gulp it down 

To soothe my throbbing head 

And Peace, for that moment

Goes inside


Sip by languid sip

Slipping in

Filling me up 

Even as it rushes about its busy work

Peace then finds a home in me.


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