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Places of Love by Aasia Majeed

Some of the places where you can find love?

In mothers' wombs and their sweet lullabies

Whether they live on roads with big houses

or in tiny cottages with white picket fences

Love, it sits around lurking in those places

In the serenity of hills and misty mountains

In the clatter of clouds and seashore's tunes

Sometimes in gusty winds and furious storms

Colourful buds of blooming trees, beads, and stars

In the deep roots of thorny and prickly cactus

and the fragrant memory of succulent flowers

In the tears of rain that smile in spite of pain

In silent deserts and boundless hunting roads

In the hurried movements of cars and buses

Think of a tiny insect that lives under a granite stone

Those graceful swans and peacocks beg us to stay

In the vastness of plants, planets, and skies

Love, it sits around lurking in these places 

Love, it sits around lurking & singing beautiful hymns,

Love, it sits around chasing & praising the beloved,

Love! Where there is God and his vast universe

Where there is you & me,

You can find love from within,

All those places mentioned herein, 

Lurking around here and lurking around there!


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