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Scott Thomas Outlar's Poems

Deep Infatuation

Distance makes the heart grow fonder,

so it’s no surprise

why I’ve forever been

completely head over heels

for a source that cannot be seen.

My spirit yearns with a fervent passion

after that ineffable mystery of creation

which has no tangible touch

but can always be felt

at the innermost core of intuition 

where the soul of the matter

is guided ever-closer to truth.

Subjectively, I dance across

the woven web of synchronicity,

laughing at the materialists

who scoff with objective displeasure

at all concerns they cannot fathom.

What need have I

for atomistic eyes

when the most beautiful visions

are found deep inside?

Answers arrive in waves

when least expected

from a plane of existence

beyond this world of time and form,

and space is just a place

where I can roam freely

in magnetic dreams

which align my electric pulse

to a frequency most divine.

Coming of Age

The poet speaks of love

as an abstract emotion,

as a pure essence,

as a longing of the heart,

as a grasp toward the ineffable,

as a projection of mystery,

as a hope for better days,

as a journey through life’s labyrinthine maze,

as a path through the murky haze,

as a whisper of something whimsical,

as a passion without boundaries,

as an effort to reach a state of perfect peace.

Yes, a poet speaks of love

in this way

until love is finally found,

and then a poet learns

to speak of love

as fact,

as certainty,

as purpose,

as principle,

as absolute truth

born from eternal salvation.

Humming with the Angels

Your love is like a waterfall from Valhalla,

pouring down to earth in heavy waves

that wash away the dirt from my skin,

baptize my soul with a spiritual salve,

and rinse out the speck from my eyes

so I can clearly see

the beautiful rainbow that appears

as a reflection of your heart

after the storm has passed.

Your love is like sugar in the morning,

scooped into a cup of coffee

to sweeten the early hours of each day

with a wonderful taste

that teases my tongue

and sends an electric buzz

surging through the blood

while every cell of my system

is lit up in energetic ignition.

Your love is like a song of the holy spheres, 

an opera of God that bursts in the heavens,

a melody whispered from the lips of angels,

an echo that resonates throughout all of creation,

a powerful note infinite in its scope,

an elemental sound eternal in nature,

a masterpiece, 

a symphony,

a lyric


in form.

Sky Light, Sky Bright

A glow

from the rock

in the distance

is called a siren

and it can slaughter

your entire psyche

if you’re not careful

A star

in the sky

with its pulse

is called a light source

and it can save

your fading soul

if you catch it

A ship

on the shore

after the crash

is called a misfire

and it can lead

to greater things

if you keep your head up

The Final Ace

At the end of the line,

after every card is laid on the table,

after all the chips have been played,

it’s not about saying,

“I did it my way,”

so much as it is

about hoping

that I did it the right way.


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