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Smooth Tongue: Moses Emehinola

Sweet smooth tongue
Salted smooth tongue
Smoother than oil
Dripping with honey
When given to service
Subtle smooth tongue
Flavoured with colour tact and words
Which disturb the simple heads
Will you never stop dancing?
Lovers of our land
Subtle masters of magic tongue
Sweet sharp tongue
Working like sabre
Piercing through the flesh of truth,
Cleverly coating our festering wounds
With a thousand colours
And a million perfumes
Why act like this?
Sweet smooth tongue
Salted smooth tongue
We'll be indebted to you for aye
For these skyscrapers, highways, bridges and ports
Made of your solid saliva,
World class education and health care denied you and your progeny.
You'll be remembered
For fattening the land with want
The land you serve and sap and strangle
Freeing her from ills strung round her neck.



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