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Suchita Parikh-Mundul's Poems


there is only silence in the space 

that separates us.

a quiet niche of solitude

stirring up a past

hued as richly as a painting,

surreal as the music of art.

our interaction closes the gap,

the fog of space 

settles, dissipates,

dissolving temporality.

our lives converge, 

we reflect each other,

take a pure journey

towards the core, 

form a sacred bond, 

exchange experiences 

of life.

this is how we view,

this is darshan.

I leave the symbolism to you

much has been written of divine love

so this is not a love poem.

I only speak of the ripeness

that laps at the hedges

of gardens with rich foliage;

of silhouettes of plentiful trees 

and bursts of flowers

behind the forest door;

of birds perched in pairs,

deep in floral beds, 

insulated with togetherness,

trilling about evermore;

of a tranquil scene steeped

in aromatic florescence,

with a lush blanket 

of glittering stars above;

of a middle ground where 

the setting builds as 

youthful beauty blossoms, 

unscathed by thorns.

this is all the heaven I speak of, 

this and nothing more.

poetic rumination

over peaks and troughs,

secret thoughts

slide in tandem,

gliding, cruising

like breath on skin,

into narrow passes,

stretching across valleys

and pulsating rivers, 

embracing flight,

routing a rhythm 

of poetic mass 

with lyrics,

meeting at an infused

culmination of expression,

falling in metred effusion,

bursting like stars in the 

s k y.


stems begin to elongate like the earlobes of a woman

whose dangling aphorisms are weighed down by patriarchs.

they stretch down, and upward with flight,

mutating light into subtle patterns,

like a crocheted design.

what can you see through it? 

a network of branches—

sturdy, variegated;

dappling shade,

demanding space.

uncertainty grows 

only in trunks of trees.

splashes of neon

mark each tendril,

petals expand 

with pop-artsy deftness—

this is where they dare,

where they bloom,

where they grow.

the forest breathes 


as women do.


Every line is full of depth and beauty
Aditi said…
Brought such solace to me Suchita. Such beautiful verses. Thank you for this. 💜
Aditi said…
This brought me so much solace. Beautiful verses composed so thoughtfully with attention, care and love. Just like I remember you Suchita. Thanks for this 💜
Devesh said…
Loved every bit of it and more. Each poem is a journey into inner spaces. Journeys that remind us that travelling is more important than reaching a destination...
Kashiana Singh said…
What a stunning set of poems - loved each one more than the other

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