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Three Poems by Sharmila Ray


Your hands stretched
burgundy night.
Your fingers entwined
platinum stars.
Hills of dreamtime
helix of cobalt and translucent green…

Manuscript that unfolds you,
sheath that undresses you,
are calligraphy of my eyes
born tonight
on a shore distant.

Imagined Language  

Your imagined language psalm dipped
carries autumn light, blows over my balcony,
changes into a bird and sits there.

The bird pelts me with questions
about crumbled cities
slanting heart-scapes
locked doors
fissured rocks
empty wine bottles…

Riding through queries,
journeying a surreal landscape,
gathering shadows of oxymoron and riddle,
I land in the present.

My balcony-interior extended is empty.
The bird is nowhere.
Only spaces immense
left to be dreamed of, tasted and
filled with more questions.


Wood shavings
remind me of a new home.
Vanilla coffee
our time together.
Raleigh bicycle
an era gone too soon.
Hand written letters
an analogue childhood.
Myopic angers
a waste of time.
Basilica door
hope awaiting.
an anthem, a new beginning.


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