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Aditi Ghildyal's Photography Poetry : Amrita Sharma

Aditi Ghildyal is presently running her Non-Governmental Organization named Rama Prasad Ghildiyal ‘Pahari’ Foundation in Dehradun. A photographer by interest, she loves to capture architectural frames as well as natural panoramas. An animal lover by heart, she is devoted towards working for them. She remains passionately drawn towards the creation of stories and photographic frames that appeal to human sensitivity. Her profession and passions remain a catalyst in her mission that aims to create love and light. She can be reached at

We were told of castles and wars lined with men, 
Of passages that held an effervescent charm.

From "A Rational Stance" by Amrita Sharma

Encased within the falling hopes, 
That were once destined to entice your heart. 
From "A Box of Fumes" by Amrita Sharma

Since last year I often get up at nights,
Or look up each morning before the sunrise,
And the skies appear more strange to me each time.

From "Skies"  by Amrita Sharma

Each time you touch the concrete wall beside which you stand,
You leave marks and patterns of the moist soil,
Creating more memories each time you think of the ones you had.

From " A Paint Brush " by Amrita Sharma


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