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Amita Sanghavi's Poems

Amita Sanghavi teaches English at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman. She holds an MA English Literature from University of Mumbai where she was the receiver of the Dr. Colaco award for TESOL.

In England, she has successfully completed MA TESOL from Lancaster University, UK as a Hornby Scholar Award winner from British Council India. She also holds a full time B.Ed degree and B.A in English Literature and topped her college from University of Mumbai and has topped M.Phil in English Literature from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. She has presented research papers worldwide, including USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Oman. Her poetry has been published in several publications. She has judged several Poetry recitation, Debate and Elocution competitions and regularly writes a column articles in University In house publication, ‘Imprint’.

Her first book of poetry, ‘Lavender Memories’ was published in 2018 and launched in the Indian Embassy Muscat. She has recently co-edited an Anthology of World Peace Poetry, entitled “WORLD PEACEATHON POETRY (2020)’, published by World Poetry Canada featuring 92 contributors in 9 languages.

She was honored the Ambassador of Poetry to Oman by World Poetry Canada by Canada in 2019.

She is also pronounced as the Representative of Poetry to Oman by the Art Movement Immagine & Poesia, Italy.

She is currently working on three more books of poetry and recently was invited as a Motivational speaker and poet by Prescott, USA. She recently read her poetry at CELCE poetry event, University of Leeds UK



Is a nucleated core

And so much more.


Is a collective heartache

Of human suffering,

Chronicled by concerned, 

Helpless, voices of poets,


The loss of

Identity of humanity,

The loss of

Values without sensitivity,

The loss of

Lives without empathy,

The loss of 

Love without regret,

Poetry is words

Wherein wounds outpour,


Is a nucleated core,

And so much more, 

So much more.


My cracked shadow

The moon-beams caress,

I eye the sky

and feel the moonlight 

Penetrate my silhouette.

Reaching my brokenness,

Pacifying my short breath.

My lingering shadow 

Tends to sulk,

Turning away 

From the soothing beams,

I wrap a veil of self-denial

over my million wishes. 

A silent star

Gazes at the shadow,

Sparkling, fearless of clouds,

Beckoning me

To bathe in beams and melt;

My shadow I gather 

And my heart flies

To the azure silver lit

Shadowless expanse 

Endless, infinite.


Sometimes a memory

Burns and scalds

So bad

Those moonbeams 

Can’t soothe 

The seething heart,

Sometimes a memory 

Leaves shivers and chills

So bad

Those sunbeams

Can’t warm

The frozen heart.


The moonbeams

And the sunbeams,

The ‘present’

Tosses in unwished

Gifts of its own;

The wild winds 

Have blatantly blown, 

With worries of the 

Future unknown.

As I have grown

Accustomed to Life’s game 

I firmly hold my hand

And tall I stand,

Just on my own.


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