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Three Poems : Brian Alvarado

Brian (@brahvocado) is a New York-based writer and performer. His work has been featured in printed publications of: RiverCraftTrailheadBay View Literary MagazineGnashing Teeth, and DenimSkin, and online in: Squawk BackContrapositionOpen DoorTrouvaille Review, and 3Elements Review, among others. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Susquehanna University.

our concept of time:

better the months driven per diem,

batter the years driven to dust.

one person’s idyll is another’s confinement.

midnight everywhere is praying that

all is well. but why pray

when the number twelve appears?

it’s getting out of big and little hands,

someone drew a finger through the fire,

and now it is time to wait again.


unlike a crossed styx,

a parted river of myths

spills from atop a

crown, pinned to a skull,

atop a crowd, pinned

to a skull, drowns

disciple, deceiver unlike,

leaves no cavalry, faces

indiscernible from heels

by the trudges cessation

at skulls crest.

amid an unpopular tête-a-tête,

a staggered turba chorus,

volunteering themselves

with anxious energy, unsure

of inevitable parables like

cursed prized sheep, awaits

Jesus to see His shadow

before He dies,

or not.

wick, at the expense of wax

blew too hard

a candle basin—

a wax reverberant

would splash, cling to

an eyelid, searing,

and in immediate

remorse, cauterizing

harsh yet tender foibles.


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