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Gerlinde Staffler's Poems

Out of the Fog

Misunderstanding, so is called the word

Voices and sounds like an echo unheard

Falling down in the sand of spread letters

Yelling for their right and for what matters

An open door lets the unnoticed finally in

Smiling on their arrival with a bright grin

Words can now unfold their real meaning

Then true listeners want trouble's cleaning

Understanding is a soft symphony

Careful melodies touch subliminally,

To every heartbeat flows a gentle stream 

Out of the somber wood of a bad dream.

Listen with patience capturing the sense

So nothing falls in the hole of indifference

© Gerlinde Staffler

By my Side

In your flickering anxious eyes

I can feel the sun that warmed my heart through life

A magic world wherein you kept me safe

Holding my hand amidst storms and high waves.

Instants of pure feelings greet my soul

As if time never concealed the spell

Love, the answer to all destroying forces

The sole survivor in evanescent sources.

Forever by my side, enlightening the way

I'll feel you everywhere as long in life I stay

In stroking air, in touch with feverish sun

In the smell of earth, in clear water's run.

Your shine in my memory will never fade 

An eternal embrace on my walk, I'm unafraid!

© Gerlinde Staffler

(A tribute to my parents)

The Orchid Mantis

The orchid mantis, a master of disguise,

A wonder of mimicry in the lush forest,

To attract the prey with alluring surprise

Performs on a leaf with unsuspicious rest.

Eagle eyes unveil the hidden mystery, 

Minuscule details, pierced by sharp pupils,

Motions disclose a simile flower reverie,

A tiny thing, stirred up by new thrills.

Deception is the way of its purpose,

A pattern smelled by souls of honesty,

At length it turnes to an infallible curse.

Glances of sun uncover hypocrisy.

© Gerlinde Staffler


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