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In Search of A Meaning : Kamalika Sen Roy


In Search of A Meaning 

But a lonely soul lost in the crowd I am,

Searching for a light that I can not find,

Trying to touch a reality I see in dreams,

Hoping to find peace, in my silent screams. 

Silence runs through my mind like a song,

I see colours in the darkness like a gleaming aura 

Holding onto faith in the betrayal of loved ones,

Seeking comfort in the arms of passing strangers.

I have been broken, changed into someone familiarly unknown,

Unforgivingly kind, unemotionally touched,

What was once cherished is now just a vision,

I close my eyes and seek purpose.

In my empty thoughts I try to fill my days with forgotten memories,

Hoping someone will find meaning in my unspoken words.


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