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Keeks Mc's Poems

Keeks Mc is a Scottish poet living in Glasgow

The Ca o the Craws

Flocks a craws roost in the trees roon ma hame

As Ah gae aboot ma day ah hearken thaim

haen a stoushie wi the ither burds

If ivver ocht fashes me

Ahm suithed by the ca o the craws

Wice an cliver burds

Ah wunner whit thay ween o us

Muckle, glaikit tumshies aiblins

Mibbe at's whit thay're cryin tae ilk ane

but ony gate, it maks me fain

Translation from Scots :

Call of the Crows

Flocks of crows roost in the trees round my home

As I go about my day I hear them

having a brawl with other birds

If ever anything bothers me

I'm soothed by the call of the crows

Wise and clever birds

I wonder what they make of us

Huge dense morons

Maybe that's what they're calling to everyone

but anyway, it makes me happy

Twa kins

Thare are ainly twa kins

o fowk in this yird 

Thae wha aye press the guid in people

And thae wha ayeways jalouse the warst

Whan a body seeks siller are thay donsie or scroungin?

Whan thay cry thay're soocidal, are thay oorit or dae thay seek tent?

Aye, Ah've bytimes bin stagmagastert but ah raither that than be unhertsome.... 

an that's the wey Ah'll stey

Translation from Scots:

Two kinds

There are only two kinds

of people in this world

Those who assume the good in people

and those who always presume the worst

When someone begs for money

are they unfortunate or freeloading?

When they say they're suicidal, are they despairing or attention seeking?

Yes, I've been deceived a few times but I'd rather that than be unkind...and that's the way I'll stay.

Dittit Pyaag

This seems tae be a time in ma life

whan fair awthing is 

stickit, claggit an haurd

Thare's haud ups, diversions an flakes 

ivery aesome stap o the forhoued wey

An Ahm forfeuchten 

bit dey an daily Ah still

ettle at gettin up wi a 

blink oan ma gizz an no seem disjaskit

but richt noo, it feels like

Ahm pushin watter 

up the braes

......wi a rauk 

Translation from Scots:

Hindered labour

This seems to be a time in my life

when absolutely everything is stuck, blocked and hard

There's hold ups, diversions and hurdles every single step of the forsaken way

And I'm exhausted but every day I still try to get up with a smile on my face and not seem dejected

but right now, it feels like I'm pushing water up the hills.... with a rake


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