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Keeks Mc's Poems

Keeks Mc is a Scots leid (language) poet. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has lived there all her life. She has a MA from the University of Glasgow and is passionate about gender and race equality and women's and minority rights in all areas of life. She loves travelling, meeting people and her hobbies, as well as poetry, include reading, singing and fitness.


Retrograde saison is wi us agin

Stertin wi months o Saturn

drivin its Karma bus

a oer oor lifes

Noo, Ah've nae bin perfec

thase last years

an Ah'll tak whit's comin tae me

but Ah've awriddy tried tae mak mends

an it's costit me

near awthin I haed

Ah'm dreidin whit mair

Saturn's boogie bus kin want

An in a few days it'll be jynt

by Mercur retrogradin in Gemini

that'll lead tae miscommunication 

wi some guid auld confuision thrown in

Tae say Ah cannae wait

wid be an unnerstatement

Let's howp the big bluid muin

feshes the clearin, turnin

an evolution it's meant tae 

tae subvene the raivel


Retrograde season is with us again

Starting with months of Saturn

driving its Karma Bus

all over our lives

Now, I've not been perfect

these last years

and I'll take what's coming to me

but I've already tried to make amends

and it's cost me

nearly everything I had

and I'm dreading what more

Saturn's boogie bus can want

And in a few days it'll be joined

by Mercury retrograding in Gemini

That'll lead to miscommunication

with some good old confusion thrown in

To say I can't wait

would be an understatement

Let's hope the big blood moon

brings the clearing, turning

and evolution it's meant to

to help through the chaos


Sittin luikin at the Sey Loch Leven

fae ma BanB

surroondit by bonnie bens an braes

Ah dinnae ken the name o

fur ma first post-lockdoon twa trip

Ah feel a wee bit o flocht stert tae lift

Ah wunner hou much o ma life

Ah parrie wirryin

fu o hert's care

oer stuff that hasnae

an mey ne'er befaw me

or onywan else

Ah dunno hou I leart

that wirryin wis necessar

tae forfend the ills occurrin

but it nids tae be somethin ah unlear

an quick



Sitting looking at the sea Loch Leven

from my B and B

surrounded by pretty hills and mountains

I don't know the name of

for my first post lockdown two trip

I feel a wee bit of stress start to lift

I wonder how much of my life

I waste worrying

full of anxiety

over stuff that hasn't

and may never befall me

or anyone else

I don't know why I learned

that worrying was necessary

to prevent bad things happening

but it needs to be something I unlearn

and quick

Tae Awn

Thare's nocht oan this Erd Ah hae pouer oer 

ither than ma ain bouk an mynd

Ah cannae credit the conceit fowk hae 

tae ween that ither beins belang tae tham

Whan ye sey it alood 

it soonds like Ah'm talkin o ill-uisers

An aye, thay're the wurst 

but e'en fowk wi nocht but guid mynt think it

"Yer mines" tae the guidman, wifie, neebour

The cairds that lat licht "Ahm yours" 

Or paurents "Ah makkit ye, sae ye'll obtemper me"


Weans hae thair ain wey tae mak

no whit ye cry fur tham

Gie tham eddication tae mak guid wales 

an staun by tham whan thay nid it

Tae marrae is tae hae fere

Respect the ither maks a deceesion tae be thare 

an treat tham wi luve, tent an unnerstaundin

No prescrivin an jealousy

Yer naebody's maister 


To Own

There's nothing on Earth I have power over

other than my body and mind

I can't believe the audacity people have to think that other beings belong to them

When you say it out aloud it sounds like I'm talking of abusers

And yes they're the worst but even folk with nothing but good intentions think it

"You're mine" to the husband, wife or partner

The cards that declare "I'm yours"

Or parents "I made you so obey me"


Children have their own way to make, not what you decide for them

Give them education to make good choices and stand by them when they need it

To form a partnership is to have companionship

Respect that the other makes a decision to be there and treat them with love, attention and understanding

Not rules and jealousy

You're nobody's master


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