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Monica Mills' Poems

edge of breath

these convulsions of end route daylight

through midnight eyes and I see

one grieved upon drowsing lull

of phosphorescent prayers

innumerable, distant as forgotten stars,

lightyears away in stupor

well-known to those born on earth

When the Sun Marries 

above summer soil

auburn worms coil amongst themselves

they struggle, they sigh, they squirm into infinity

as birds watch on near heaven

humming same songs of flowers and air

while day bleeds to silence below

Pray Me Sulfur

if I invite you to dinner

it is polite to decline

to bow and say

utterly, buoyantly, selflessly

‘alas I am unhungry today,

feed space to the walrus

guileless on rocks of Bering sea’

and keep me alone

where a sun and sick

follow only as I dream.


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