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Purgatory : Shaurya Shaukat Sircar

Pity the nation whose people are sheep

And whose shepherds mislead them…

—Pity the Nation by Lawrence Ferlinghetti


And so begins the gory hunt of the bearded beast,

Whose pointed prey are the pliable poor and innocent individuals, 

With his cartel of conspirative criminals,

He concocts a crazy cocktail for the fiendish feast.

The ruthless rabble-rouser manifests malice,

Through seductive speeches and roiling rallies,

Inciting the ignorant in his calumnious capers,

Drinking blood from his poisoned chalice. 

His frequent and fashionable foreign forays,

Are for cronies, colluders and his truculent thugs,

Where he deviously delivers his boorish bear-hugs,

Making phoney promises and deals as always.

With fake facts and exaggerated eloquence,

Mixed with mendaciously malevolent monologues,

He craftily justifies acts by vigilantes and ideologues,

Spitefully sowing seeds of vendetta and violence.


Arbitrary arrests, annulling laws and crackdowns,

Are game for this devilish dictator and torturous tyrant,

Inherently intolerant of dialogue, discord and dissent,

He illegally introduces rigid rules and ridiculous regulations. 

The bestial butcher of the despicable desert sands,

Displays the carnage of carefully-curated cold cadavers,

Victims of ravaging riots, incarcerations and fighting farmers,

Stealthily in his war-room with his servile sycophants.

Savagely slaughtering our plurality with his vitriolic voice,

His maniacal mentality abhors rationality and reason,

Absolving himself of massacre, treachery and treason,

He obliterates all options, leaving us with no choice.

This diabolical demon possesses no speck of shame,

Polarises people, incites, shoots and stabs,

All guileless, gullible fools up for grabs,

Mutilating millions in god’s glorious name.

Invisibly injecting incurable venom in incalculable youngsters,

Novices will never know the contagious content in his malicious mind,

That he so charmingly conveys, driving credulous crowds blind,

Stirring them to rampage, with his gross group of sadistic gangsters.


A virulent virus is consistently culling our present population,

No oxygen, no vaccines as victims gasp and struggle for life,

No hospital beds, no caregivers in this ominous all-round strife,

Let us all pool in with resources before it’s total annihilation.

This microscopic microbe transmits from one to the next,

Equally exterminating the sick and the strong,

Never pauses in its journey of slaying all along,

Refusing rest, it quells at random in its unending conquest.

Countless corpses, old and young, on putrid pyres,

Sickening smell of scorched and smouldering skin,

Who will he rule over, myopic leader, if he can still win,

It’s his sullied soul that should burn in the infernal fires.

I eagerly entreat you my gargantuan General,

Kindly kill, you mass murderer, you pernicious predator,

Ostentatious and odious ogre, a heinous hate monger,

Please also be prepared for your own fetid funeral.

Your vindictive vermin with nefarious notoriety,

Have cunningly contaminated our liberal society.

Your obnoxious outcasts and lethal lumpens,

Are worse than these perilous pathogens.

Your neglect and hubris have caused this unstoppable pandemic,

To rectify which requires dogged diligence and efforts epic.

These challenging circumstances that are choking the nation,

Are crying for your uninterrupted, undiluted, acute attention.

This profound, all-pervasive parasite will promptly perish,

And jubilation, prosperity and intimacy we’ll certainly cherish.

But what about the terminal tumour you’ve implanted into our body and brain?

Is there a real remedy to restore happiness again?

You have constantly corroded the great moral fabric,

Of our sovereign socialist secular democratic republic.

Do you have a substantial and sustainable solution?

To rightfully reverse the dilution of our sacred constitution.

Enough of your vicious playing to the frenzied gallery,

Your rabid rhetoric and horrendous hyperbole.

Intoxicated with your daily dose of privilege and power,

The fanatical fascist in you revels in his lunatic laughter.

We reject your divisive designs and miserable mentality,

Your Mephistophelian motives and vulgar villainy,

We will combat your stormtroopers and corrupt coterie, 

Who will perfidiously propel you to rot in the pungent purgatory.


Awesome, brave, powerful poem
ShauryaS said…
Thank you very much.
ShauryaS said…
Thank you so much❤

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