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Separation : Boudhayan Mukherjee

When i look back

to my root

it is unknown;

when i grope ahead

for my destiny

it is the seascape.

The unknown in

infintesimal particles

of my cerebellum

create an incandescent 

universe, a selfless  me.

The model of the earth

that worked like a clock

no more chimes rhymes.

The society and i

are paralell mirrors

reflecting each other

in futile images.

Indetermination interplay

with my doubts,

weak convictions.

Poetry betrays when

i need it most.

I need cheaper resources

to live a fuller life,

i would need to hide you

as the market grows.


Fully geared for an end

i thought uselessly

about someone five 

million kilometers away.

The carbon emissions had burned the ozone layer of my fragile roof

the Aurora Borealis looked ferociously

at my lonely viral sleep.

Our contradictions drew us apart, flesh n bones.

Poverty ruled her face 

when she died alone.

One night now passes

like the other, my body

immersed in brine.

A flutter of life 

is a deliberate effort

when i wake up,

a somnambulist.

I understand black

energy that surrounds

my detours truncating

a concept of progress,

our essential past.


Was she a stranger

on a lonely hillside ?

Her label is attached to

darkness, my  bedroom.

The density of silence is

unbearable; is anger

brewing—but where

will i erupt ?

I can buy sauce

but not hunger.

I can buy a bed 

but who'll sell me sleep?

Silvery moments shine

when i see her face

in my flickering dreams.


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