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Poems by Smeetha Bhoumik

Smeetha Bhoumik is an Artist, Poet, Founder - Women Empowered-India (WE), Editor - Yugen Quest Review (just released).

Of Miracles

Miracles were roaring in the sunshine

Small and little, the

Ordinary kind !

No grand revelations-

A spider weaving its lonely web

Squirrels on their up and down treks.

Your hand in mine.

How time is circular.

I stood still.

        Back, it was the middle of the day

When headlines strike a deep whine,

    A pervasive sadness in the air...

I thought of the things one takes for granted

& wondered....


Each little dot in the grand scheme of things

Is a tiny piece 

that completes the picture.

                 Even voids.

          the give and take of kindness

     the tug of war with hope

full stomachs and empty stretches

   where millions remain

       unseen, unfed,

         waiting ...

For miracles roaring in the sunshine

Little crumbs of bread

& some kindness.

                           This is the hour

                 to become a crumb,

            to become a line

    of ants carrying hope

On tiny shoulders

     Letting small miracles prevail.

Sine Waves

In seasons of the heart too

waves change colour.

Warm hues

of touch and feel

Golden blaze of satiety.

       The remorseless cold

Of currents flowing

counter to each other.

Headlong into frazil

almost grounded;

     Freezing. Glassy-eyed.


               Cracks. Crack.

                        A sudden gust

       of memory, a sparkle

Of known things.


          Heat, animation! Can retrieval

Be like the flight of song birds

     and melodic?

Ruptured zones

of frozen ice

Melt down, a slow burn

into the warmth of spring...

Once again!

       In seasons of the heart too

Waves change colour,

Rolling sine waves

Just keep moving...

For You

My prayer for you


A golden orb of hope

Expanding in your heart


It will light up your path

And twinkle in a million stars

Connecting you to the


Its mysterious energies

Floating all around you.

You will move in inspired

Circles of abundance.

My prayer for you is :

You'll remain grounded in

The lake of reality and

Bloom like a lotus

Amidst everything that

Life throws at you.

You'll be able to transform it.

You'll see the forest and the trees.

This is my prayer for you

That you will use all the

Colours in the spectrum

Even black, to paint your life

In ways to merge with

Surroundings, bond with all,

Creating an abundance

Beyond riches and fame.

You'll see how beautifully

You'll come out of yourself

As you merge, and find your

Distinct place in the universe.


A river of renewal & well-being

     Glows in me

Its sparkling allure

Crimson tributaries

  Flush with


I stand often mesmerised ! Like now...

       Pausing to reflect.


Their quiet revelations

           Almost a glimpse

   Into other dimensions

Felt, or intuited, rather than seen...


Threaded in fine webs

And strands of matter

Borrowing from each other...

Earth from stars

Stars from space

The way time coalesces

Into our veins

And is wound up in elements

Spewed from star-bursts aeons ago...

Where rivers

Enter our bloodlines

               And mountains

Weave stories

Of overcoming


A river of renewal & well-being

     Glows in me

Its sparkling allure.

Crimson tributaries

  Flush with


I often stand mesmerised...

Circles of Time

Circles of time appear

Out of golden orbs

Of the sun

Radiant !

Then float away...

Soaked in

The tiniest of emotions

A fragment of thought


Impregnated into filaments

The glowing circles

Going round and round

As everything comes back

To where it once belonged !

The law of periodicity,

& that of cause and effect,

The law of attraction

Are universal . What you do is what you attract.



Great things

Small wonders


Their antithesis.

Strange, even the numerical precision

That marks its cyclical


Year 2020.   2. 0. 2.  0

Can be arranged in many ways, you'll see

A strange jugglery -

Though precise,

As only nature and her irrefutable laws can be. Fractals in petals, the turning of seasons, forces of attraction....

Circles of time appear

From golden orbs

Of the sun

Radiate in all directions...

A Paean

To your songs and to your stories

I write a paean

The glimmer of unknown tomorrows

Shining in them.

The reed becomes tree

The tree, a ship

Of radiant hope

Going shore to shore

Across seven oceans

That ebb and flow in your veins.


      In you is the earth,

the mountain, the river and ocean,

In your creation,

Every element

Melts its essence.


I loved the poem 'Sine Waves'.

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