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I am not merely a Body by Mrittika Das

Mrittika Das, Kolkata 

I am not merely a Body,

just like the sea 

is not merely drenched 

but sublime in every 

single wave arousing 

from her chest

beating the shore

and indeed there's more 

and more of her 

You know not... 

She has seasons,

and you have no reason 

to live all of it. 

Like the sea is not merely water 

I am not merely a size 

When the sea succumbs her away 

from the shore, 

She does not become 

a vast shallow land 

She still remains the sea 

without the validation of the shore. 

So, if a woman passes by 

in the garment of her own skin, 

You have seen a narrow brook, 

not the sea. 

©️Mrittika Das


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