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Poems by Baidurya Bose


Once again the thunder fell, 

Fell, bent-knees, died and sad, pleaded, didn't look up.

All the haunted windows with arms wide open,

Welcomed a gusty love,

Hickory clocks with cruel thighs, placed plates of turkey

And a charm broke loose,

Dreams of shell-shocked screams found solace.. a walk began, a motion into a 

Nearby lane, 

No one knows what will happen, why happened what..

What happened why.. 

No one knows what is the meaning of all these.. why dreams of shell-shocked soldiers at all

And why not that of a crying baby?

No one knows

Only knows that these happened one day... Out of the clock... Out of 

Everything, everywhere, everyone.

That these happen,

That is why the spinning of the earth.


A bird called swallow,

An act called absorption,

Cuts through the cloud around my old house.

The ECG of the flight would show all the stories, moving in a ring, as if a tin-drum preparatory rite ,

Out of a hollow rainbow rose—that is how !

A swallow calls,

Sleep pours itself into war,

Rainbow-roses and a seemingly white swallow

And an act called toleration- transformed-absorption

Vanishing into motion,

Drops of blue petals, ice and fire

And blue drops of the sun,

Burnt and alive and brave,

Three siblings, 

body against body, body into body,

Walk towards, after each victory, the corner closed tea stall.


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