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Poems by Mark Fisher


it was just a chance meeting

a quantum mechanical fleeting

instance of realization

and dawning amazement 

that all the future of the universe

dispersed from that point

wrapped and joined

like the fading blinding flash

of a photograph taken

measuring position

yet having infinite uncertainty

in direction


do any ghosts haunt your facebook


of some friends that have now gone on 

not withdrawn 

their stories still in clouds to see

away from me

their spirits now have been set free 

birthday reminders come each year

keeping all their memories near 

phantasms not withdrawn away from me 

of men and mice

it is an interlocking maze of

cell phone and body cam

videos on the news

dressed in blue

Lenny’s killed again

just another accident

he never means to do

and George’ll take him

another county over

looking for a forever home 

‘cause George won’t do

what’s gotta be done

until they’re coming

for him


I touched a dream

floating between clouds

and moonshine

as I clung to it like

a selfish limpet

till torn apart by breezes

of thought

I fell like dust and ashes

while she drifted

like a cooling summer storm

down upon sown seeds

of lost hope

settling into darkness


reuniting dream

and dreamer

into a secret garden

separated by a wall of stone

between then and there

I’ve now got all the time

for this play within a play

between each of the beats

of my heart

waiting until I wake

once again


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