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Poems by Sumbul Nasim

Sumbul Nasim 

Assistant Professor
Department of English
Triveni Devi Bhalotia College, Raniganj


Night and the stone eyes

The two companions

Very loyal companions to each other.

The stone eyes accompany the journey of the longer than century night

This purgatory of a night

This hell of a night.

Often the cricket mourns my insomnia.

Does she also suffer from it?

Is she also injured somewhere?

As in, her heart?

The stone eyes see the daily vicious cycle of night turning into dawn

The birds waking up 

Like the most disciplined species

Full of positivity, optimism, chirping.

The stone eyes hear it all.

Do the birds also get their hearts broken? 

Do they also suffer from insomnia? 

Or, is it the curse of human beings only?

The stony night is flooded with the snigger of the past.

Time—the saint, the monk

Saw it all coming.

The past always knows the future,

Time always knows. 


Our separation is connected by the morning prayer

As we both hear it

Thanks to the insomnia.


Our gift to each other

After something called love.


The souvenir of our love.

Lying on the stony bed and pillow 

Making our whole body ache.

We keep trying to be normal once again

To pick up the shreds of failed love 

And walk ahead

But the feet bleed.

Failed love…

Should love not be victorious always

And never fail

Because it’s love, after all?

But then there are some people like us!


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