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Poems by Taniya Chakraborty in Sayantan Chowdhury's Translation

Taniya Chakraborty was born in Rishra which is situated in  Hooghly district of the state West Bengal (INDIA)

From the early childhood always favorably disposed toward academic subjects and has a strong tendency to do the same, though at no time ever used to continue indefinitely a strict schedule. During school days, right from Junior classes up to Class-X, managed to pull tight to secure a rank in the class and was pretty consistent in doing it. But due to philosophical nature and intension of paying closer attention on specific subject of choice, often stumble to counterpoise with rest of the subjects. Biology was  favourite  subject and i found more bias what so ever on other subjects. She cracked the medical entrance exam but quit it for the craziness of poetry. At a very young age, a strong zest scale sup to catch and arrest the after taste of Bengali language. Knack of reading had encircled entire life in those days.  A range of different story books and poetry had fueled up quick-witted insight into fair out poetry. From the very childhood, has been close at hand to the letters of Rabindranath Tagore & Upendra Kishore Roy chowdhury, which was written to her maternal great grandfather- Purno Chandra Bhattacharya, spurring a strong formative insight within. Verbal depiction and potrayal in Mosuwar( a place of Bangladesh) Itihash (History of Mosuwar) and Cheleder Mahabharat ( MAHABHARAT FOR CHILDREN) by Purno Chandra Bhattacharya, kindle the considerable depth of poetry that engages an irresistible instinctive motive. While in 3rd or 4th standard, grew up with a habit of writing diary, where presenting accurately on the occurrences that holds attention. A number of articles has been written during this course of time. At the age of 18 her 1st article published in a commercial magazine and her 1st poem was published on 2011. Apart from academics, took a formal training in Rabindra Sangeet and Clasical Music at Prachin Kala Kendra in India.

Gradually the spare time was spent entirely to write poetry. The first poem was published in Kobisammelan in 2011. Earlier to this many Debates has been published in Unish Kuri Magazine (19 20 magazine from west Bengal). Farther aft, there are number of articles put to print in  many different kinds of purposefully arranged Commercial Magazines & in Littel Magazines, such as Kobisammelan, Krittivas, Kobipatra, Bhasanagar, Trapijy, Kaurab, 109, Bhassalipi, Sabdo, in daily Newspapers like Jugantar, Ekdin, Aajkal, Eisomoy, Amader Somoy (Circulated in Bangladesh), Desh Patrika, Baishakhi Magazine (Bangladesh High Commission), Bangla News (Bangladesh), and in various other Newspapers and Magazines.In 2015  invited as dignitary by Kobita bangla in an International Poetry Festival marked with a label PEACE PROCESSION OF POETRY-2015 in Bangladesh ( Partcipating Nations:-    Bangladesh, Germany, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand and India).   On March-April 2017 Edition of the Bi-Monthly Journal (Indian Literature) from Shahitya Academy featured Translation Poetry. Had recited and audio casted self written poems, on the invitation of Akashbani & Yuvabani (INDIAN RADIO) In the year 2017, had the opportunityto recite self written poetry on the Bangladesh Betar( radio) too.



(1)Kichu Ektar Jonnyo ( “FOR SOME REASON” ,First book of poetry, Publisher-Pathak, published in Kolkata international bookfair 2013 )


(2)Purusher Bari Mesopatemia ( “His house in Mesopotamia”, second book of poetry, Publisher-Srishtisukh, published in Kolkata international bookfair 2015)


(3)Raheukendrik Ritukaal( “ The weather of planet Rahu” third book of poetry, Publisher-Sudhu BigheDui, published on 2016)


(4)Lampat ( “Loose character” fourth book of poetry, Publisher-Chhoto Kobita (Bangladesh), published in- Ekushey boimela Bangladesh  2017)


(5) Aamish Bibaho ( “ Nonveg marriage” fifth book of poetry, Publisher-Aathmaja, published on- November, 2017)


6) Junipokar aaloi badha ghor (“The house made by the light of fireflies” sixth book of poetry, Publisher- karigar, Published in Kolkata international book fair 2018)


7) Putul manush (“Puppet man”, seventh book of poetry, Publisher- Signet, Published in Kolkata international book fair, 2019)




(1)Two special issues of Kalimati magazine


    (I)Atiprakrth sonkhya (SUPERNATURAL ISSUE)


   (II)Samakamita-rupantarkamita sonkhya (HOMOSEXUAL -TRANSSEXUAL ISSUE)




Some of the accolades bestowed glory upon prowess:  


(1) Kaalkatha samman 2014 on behalf of Kaalkatha magazine


(2)Itykatha yuba samman on behalf of Itykatha magazine, 2016


(3)Sabdo saanko samman on behalf of sabdosaanko magazine's 2017


(4)Chaka sahitya samaan by POET  Benoy Majumdar Sahityo Sankriti Kendra, 2017


5)Poet Mallika Sengupta National Award, 2019


6)Basirhat little magazine poetry award, 2020

Poems by Taniya Chakraborty in Sayantan Chowdhury's Translation 

Translated from Bengali


On mother's lap there came flying an insect

An era was placed beside his stitched body

His stamen with flowery-murder left his body

Now this is his throne

Lap is a mother, mother of an aborted uterus

I raised a balloon, hold it tight everybody

There ain't no lap outside this world

An insect after consummating became motherless


Toaster is crying out from it
Toasted bread of 21st century
Physical sudden love of some yeast
Brains of ripened life are very lazy
Chin opens out with square belief
Still it seems to be living in a womb
& drifting through eyes
Through nails flowing
Through minds flowing
Before everything gets bundled & lost
Toaster gets shocked
       The bread gets burned   


I sleep when I'm idle not in darkness

Those who are sitting next to the seaside

 with their hungry eyes

 & hidden expectations like them

 I'm living in showing off that I'm asleep

 Sky kept the mountain in dark

 If you are honest

Other will be brutal to you

Actually the opposite touch

brings the sleeping equality...


Not a character-wise enjoyment
All we are enjoying the adorable time
As far as you go
Settlements are bundled together
Wing of the ant is flying in odd air
Honeysuckers makes death sweet
& you lighting a candle think 
That you are the creator of all this light

I come down along the hair in moonlight

With becoming dense and even more dense

Getting near to my mother I saw umbilical cord

Being thirsty is all  making me a human being

Inside a room there sits a magician,

Inside a room there sits a lucky person,

Melody is wrecking down from the wet ceiling

Here me and my mother, my mother and me

Became colourful due to a nail...


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