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Yonder the Murky Sky by Debarati Sen

A government employee by misadventure and a writer by passion. Works in Presidency University Kolkata as a Junior Assistant at the English Department. Completed Masters in English from Presidency College Kolkata. A published poet, columnist in Youth Ki Awaz , freelancer at an International NGO, Co-author in Amazon and an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies sums up my opus. 
Writing for me is therapeutic. Besides literary artifacts I find happiness in cooking and music and capturing the serene beauty of nature on my mobile phone. 
I have been a part of many anthologies and now wish to publish my solo poetry book soon. Till then, trying to find harmony in discord as life is a concoction of both!

Yonder the Murky Sky

Yonder the murky sky
Lies a horizon of candor.
Yonder the gloomy dusk
Lies the luminous dawn.
Cascading through the firmament of indolence 
You have to keep sprinting along
Looking for memories, melodies, and moments. 
You have to stroll a few miles into the world of rendition.
Maybe browsing through your heart's empyrean 
You come across an incandescent view
Where happiness runs unbridled 
And dreams lay scattered like a corsage.
Where you can sit for an hour
And unwind your rampaged soul 
Where you can breathe for a few minutes 
Before cruising again through life's wanton shores.


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