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Poems by Januário Esteves

Januário Esteves is a Portugese poet.

Love to whom life

Love to whom life

Our blood spills

Phlegm gift had

It heats the body who loves

Blinded by those who languished

Mute the figure screamed

Laying like that slept

He turned to the other side.

Ballad of the ugly sad

Dream of deep love

Filled your beautiful heart

And so it carried the world

Of ill-fated affliction

And then they reminded him

The sad and lurid air

Who disdained the poor

Wanting an elegant young man

So I lived in the alley serene

Between suffocating walls

And only her death felt sorry

Taking her to other lovers.

Hands slowly

Hands slowly take you

And you don't notice anything

As a purifying chisel

The shadow is portrayed to you

To the heavens you raised the beliefs

Without them you were oblivious

In tears with light in the middle

In the dark room held up.


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