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Once a song that broke my heart — Debarati Sen

A Government employee by misadventure and a writer by passion. Works in Presidency University Kolkata as a Junior Assistant at the English Department. Completed Masters in English from Presidency College Kolkata. A published poet, columnist in Youth Ki Awaz , freelancer at an International NGO, Co-author in Amazon and an independent researcher in the genre of Disability Studies sums up my opus.

Writing for me is therapeutic. Besides literary artifacts I find happiness in cooking and music and capturing the serene beauty of nature on my mobile phone.

I have been a part of many anthologies and now wish to publish my solo poetry book soon. Till then,trying to find harmony in discord as life is a concoction of both!

Once a song that broke my heart.

Once a song that broke my heart reminded me of how life became vitriolic on my sins.

Plunging me into an abyss of penance.

Castigating me for diabolical incivility.

Once a song that broke my heart is now my lullaby.

On a lonely winter night its dulcet tunes beckon me to a world of delusional mutterings

Where peace resides in melancholic corners.

Enmeshed within the labyrinth of disheveled memories.

Peeping through a dilapidated edifice.

Reminding me of forsaken moments

Which were a concoction of torn poetry pages on dismal noons.

When petrichor emanating from the sordid earth

Calmed my oddball mind.

And traversed me to a world of incoherent mutterings.

Looking for fireflies inside empty jars!


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