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Poetry — Dana Trick

Tips on Writing Romance 

Don’t beautify the abusers’ poisons. 

Don’t justify the stalkers’ delusions. 

Don’t sanitize the perverts’ harassments. 

Instead of romance and all its sins, 

Write relationships with their weirdness and preciousness, 

Write love with their flowers and thrones,

Write heartbeats with sunrises and rainbows.

Pure Love

A pure and simple love

Between two humans

Was damned a sin

By the god in heaven.

How can humans 

Keep their humanity

While God is forcing 

Perfection among them?

Mourning the Lost Pieces of Sappho’s Poetry

Our ancestors celebrated your lyrics of love in their private memories,

But all we have of you now are fragments of your verses 

That are always in danger of being destroyed again

By the forces of ignorance and hate 

That audaciously calls themselves reason and morality.  

Why Can’t Say “I Love You” To You? 

If I told you these words,

Would you understand or 

Just run away confused?

These words that carry too much,

Can be contorted into something perverted

By bystanders high on assembly-line rotting romances. 

Why must someone’s shallow and cliché romance ruin our friendship?

Why does being in love and holding hands equate to romance and sex? 

Tell me, 

In this age for sharing your honest feelings without any fear,

Do we finally understand me when I say “I love you”?

I want to say “I love you.” 

I want you to say, “I love you.” 

And we’ll still remain friends.

A Cut-off Rose Bud

Decaying in yellows and pinks—

She never had a chance to open up.

It would’ve opened herself in time 

But now she's barely holding on 

To her fragile petals.

Prayer of Lust 

Oh Lust,

Please destroy my homely body 

And carve the remains into beauty. 

Oh Lust,

Make every curve and bend of my reformed body

Crave need and love. 

Oh Lust,

Inject my thin and weeping veins with natural love

So I may be able to walk in my own skin without a flinch or sulk. 

Oh Lust,

Ensure that all humans become my lovers 

Who will croon and curse me in their endless yearning. 

Oh Lust, 

Make even the holy concept of Love 

Into my spiteful yet adoring lover as well. 

Oh Lust,

Bless me with tsunamis of sweet irreplaceable happiness 

In every moment my love and I are together in both hell and Earth. 

Oh Lust,

Please stop making myself so empty and hallow

When they finally leave me.  


Roses are red,

(Bleed me you blood!)

Violets are blue,

(Cry me you tears!)

Sacrifice your pain

To me

As my enjoyment.


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