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Who that Soul is — Mamta Verma

Name: Mamta Verma

Place: Nepal

Educational Background: Bachelors in Public Health from Tribhuvan University

Working Experience: Development Sector for 3 years 

Those queer eyes
Heavenly blue
Like beautiful skies
I wandered who this soul is
Neither mourns nor smiles
But my heart gets squeezed
Have you come to see me
I keep murmuring
Just say something I plea
She keeps hushed
Looking at me
Who this soul is
She took away my thought
The wild sparkle smile
That seemed caught
I feel looking at you
All my life
And kiss your lips
But know I have to strive
For that draught of bliss
No matter your feet gets faded away
I will keep longing for you
All night all day
And come to see you
Under the same blue heaven
Where your memories lay


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