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Poetry — Binod Dawadi


He is Binod Dawadi from Purano Naikap 13, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed his Master’s Degree from Tribhuvan University in Major English. He likes to read and write literary forms. He has created many poems and stories. His hobbies are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, traveling, gardening, etc. He likes pets. He is a creative man he does not spends his time by doing nothing. He is always helping for the poor people. He can’t see the troubles and obstacles of the people. He believes that from the writing and from the art it is possible to change the knowledge and perspectives of the people towards any things. He loves his country Nepal very much. He has known many cultures of his country as well as foreign countries. He is always thinking wisely towards any things. He solves his problems by using his mind. He dreams to be a great man in his life.

He has composed many stories and poems in many Anthologies. He has also already published his own poetry books which are The Power Of Words. Love and Life’s difficulties and Nature , Animals and Human Beings in Prodigy Published. He is also planning to publish his other books which are The Best Stories and War. Also other in his life. He writes in Nepali, and English magazines and Anthologies. He is working at day and night to be the successful writer. He wants to involve in each and every kinds of multiple activities. He is always seeking for the multiple good works in a time. He is very much active in distributing his knowledge in literature as well as in teaching and other social activities. He is very much dedicated towards his works. He has also faced many kinds of challenges and difficulties in his life.

His dream is to become a rich man in his life and to help the poor people in the society from his wealth. He always dreams very much big things. Some times they can’t be successful also but also he is never losing his hope in his life. He loves the pet animals, wild animals and nature he spends most of his times by looking at this kinds of the things. His vision is to change the society by knowledge so he is always working there by this. He wants to give englightement to the people through his education.


Fire you loves to everyone,

By giving heat you also vanish and stop,

You cook out diet, you give us warm,

But we can’t worship you,

You are the third eye of the God that is creator and destroyer,

While our living you support our life, when life ends,

You relief our soul from the body,

You are powerful and kind

As per the situation

Fire o fire you are fire.

Fire you have energy of burning,

God makes you in nature to serve us,

You are like supernatural and metaphysical,

Fire you do love for animals by giving warm to them,

In winter season they come near to you,

You are super,

You are God and you are almighty,

You are extra and one element of nature,

You burn and destroy the houses,

You make all the things into ashes,

You give death also, it depends on,

But you make accidents by the carelessness of the people,

You can burn whole world,

Only to stop you we should use one material of the earth,

That is the water, you are cold and fire you are hot,

Fire you gives life everyday,

You are greater than God,

Because God is Omnipresent and omnipotent and omnicompetent,

But you are present and living with us,

You are our friend and our breathe, you are super fire.

                                               Truth V.S False

They thought to they wanted to become a englightement soul,

They focus to be the greatest man like a God,

They dream they can be like a God,

They copy and immitate Buddha’s works,

They mediate leave home and family,

The natural things can’t affect them,

They are dedicated on hard work,

They follow only the truth,

They are far from this world,

They are at another imaginary world but real world better than this

The false attacks them in their battle,

At the hard struggles of their life negative thoughts and things comes,

There as villain, what to do in this situation ?

They are confused and their mind can’t hold their thoughts,

Devils and bad souls attacks them because this world,

Has the two forces negative and positive,

Negative thoughts attacks and wins them,

Like as in the life of Buddha, for many years he can’t be englightement,

But at last only by his efforts he becomes Buddha englightement soul,

Negative thoughts wins mostly in our life than positive,

But also they don’t lose their hope, they decide in any way,

They should be englightement soul,

So, their efforts are going on,

They promise that they will give or end their life in the name of enlightenment,

So, they again started to meditate,

They focus on hard work better then the first,

They don’t eat, don’t sleep , 

Now, God sees their situation from the heaven,

And comes their to help them, God helps them,

And at last they become an englightement souls.


What is love ?

I don’t know,

I search my entire life,

But I can’t find,

Some says relationship,

That I can’t find

Some  says romance,

That I can’t find,

Some says marriage and living together,

That I can’t find,

I search here and there in metaphysical world

There I can find,

I was out of the world,

I was enjoying and seeing love there,

That was the best part of my life,

There I saw two souls are loving together,

They are in heaven in young age,

Time never runs there,

They were in romance,

And they are always in romance,

They are out of this world,

In their world they are only,

They are enjoying,

They are loving and kissing each other lips

In the erotic position,

I become conscious,

Now I learn this is the love,

I promise in my life,

I will also do such kind of love in my life.

©® Binod Dawadi, Nepal


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