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Poetry—Santasree Chaudhuri

Santasree Chaudhuri in Vietnam 

Santasree Chaudhuri. 

Award winning entrepreneur, Women's rights activist, poet, writer, poetry film maker.

International advisor to Culture World editorial team.

Curator of two e-anthologies.


Dancing in timeless zone of void and inner ecstasy  

Mysterious unattached sky goer  

Roars around in laughter of nakedness   

Thundering skull clad dancer  

Feminine primordial liberating energy  

Mysterious Dakini

Yogini, with clear light vision  

Mysticism of esoteric Tantra, 

Infinite emptiness of blissful state of unattached magical union  

Wanderer of dark nights  

Penetrates in essence at the absolute consciousness  

Shadows of hand gestures  

Appear like glimpse of a fading twilight  

Reflecting on the monastery walls  

Wrathful presence with her extended leg  

Cutting obscuration delusion in secret communication, 

Emerging from the flaming pyre  

Rules the extraterrestrial mandala of impermanence, 

Fearlessly alone, 

In blissful emptiness  

Guides silent meditative stages 

Controlling subtle minds  

Riding on indestructible vehicle  

Wisdom navigates in luminous awareness  

A mystical feminine  

Deity of darkness  

Blossoms in secretive domain   


Soft winds of early spring time   

Smiling palm trees happily sway in dancing spirit of Hawain -Hula Hula


Sudden thunderstorm, magical addition 

Lovers hunt for a tavern  

To be romantically closer 

Kissing raindrops over  

Velvety green meadows  

Mating birds wait for blooming flowers  


Soaked nature fondly holds the embracing shower  

Drenched pine forests greet the changing weather    

Starlit sky 

Crescent moon appears in vastness of void  

Footsteps of unknown shadows slowly move ahead with fiery minds   

Gripping secrecy of both sides...  

Whispers of snakes and rats  

Mystify the dusky darkness of smoky noise 


Far away, 

Few falling stars sparkle over empty valleys of nothingness 

Justifying tearful lesson of impermanence  

Mystery unfolds,  

Scattered dead bodies without prayers and funerals  

Endless unnamed corpses signify  

Tragedy of cold blooded errors


Cover ups, high end drama, 

Sudden blasts  

Intelligence failure 

Political game plan goes on and on around sleepless hours ..  

Buried truth hides under grey ashes of  

Deceit and lies  

Falsity spreads like flaming fire

Helpless planet stands as a silent reviewer of poems written  

In red blood drops 

A new world..... 

Zero gaps  

All equal   

Humans killing humans 

Traumatized pigeons wonder  

Degradation of human behavior  

Men in uniforms 

Participate in conflict zones of tension

Staged theater,  

Power play of political class  

Vested interests of geo-political game plan  

"Alas" ...laments the white butterfly sitting on a table of negotiation. .   


When words disappear  

Silence engulfs the mind  

The butterfly inside me  

Flutters in haste I align myself  

Frustration grows around  

Inner chess board  

Black and white moments   

Life shows a way  

Transform! ...inner voice  

Release the butterfly  

Dream of rainbow cycles   

Desire, wants, ego, jealousy   

Limitless self-projection

Journey of death  

accepting the greatest  truth of impermanence ... 

GPS to another cosmic space   

Butterfly dies instantly  

Rainbow body reaches a desire less state Of Kalachakra miracle. 

Mandala of fearless finality.. 

Monks rest in serenity  

Full moon shines over sand dunes  

Hues of mandala  

Beginning and end  

Search of the inner wheel of karma  

Smiling monk prays with empty begging bowl  

Knocks the door of liberation  

Looking at the mysterious lotus moon blooming in contentment of strange reality      


A red window Kaleidoscope of life  

I open; I close whenever I feel like  I smile, looking above    

 at the crescent moonlight  

 I smell the wind carrying fragrance of spring time  

I weep; my tears fall drop by drop  

On the teakwood frame holding the glass  

I wait for the dusk to come  

To delve in auspiciousness of   

Earthen oil lamp below the sacred basil   

Soft light of positivity keeps the evils away.  

My emotion flows afar  

Looking for a green door to escape window wonders  

Sensing my mood  

Closeness beyond words  

Mute spectator  

Witness of many challenges   

When I sleep deeply  

Wakes me up reflecting streaming golden rays of early dawn of summer  

Mystical mist of cold winter  

Blinding the exterior  

Keeps my room dry from rain soaked monsoon shower  

I get up to touch its affection  

Oh, my holder of secrecy  

My precious possession  

Remain forever till my last breathe  

A large French window on the eastern side  

Gorgeously dazzles with a stain glass painting  

Deep yellow roses blooming with pride 

What a delight  

Unnamed artist  

Bunch of love reminds...  

Live a full life  

Overcoming the turbulence  

Experience the cycle of time  

A deep silence grips the walls.  

Scene 2  

Sudden reality of death cycle  

Crushed the melody of time  

Lonely woman... 

In a busy town 

Staying at a heritage home  

Overlooking a flowing river 

Waves of sacredness  

Indefinitely wait for a final departure  

Future ...the chirping lizard Good omen  

Who cares!  

Gate opens  

Final release from sufferings and pain  

Quiet exit counting the prayer beads  

"Did she complete 108 times"  

Who knows. Say some folks 

'"Journey well"... 

Mourns her window of freedom  

Amidst smoke and fire rituals 

Chanting and prayers  

Soul travels to an eternal destination  

Presence was felt  

Shadows of ancestors 

Spirit returns every night  

Like a cool breeze  

Loving touch feels the bunch of yellow flowers  

Engraved on her window of nostalgia   

Santasree Chaudhuri copyright 2022 


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