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Against Communal Disaccord—Launch of Circle by Taniya Chakraborty and B.M. Jamal Hussain

Against Communal Disaccord—Launch of Circle by Taniya Chakraborty and B.M. Jamal Hussain 

Taniya Chakraborty's Circle was released on 21st May at Sharjah, Dubai by Urban Readers and Bayanno Television. Translated from Bengali to Hindi, Urdu, Arabic and English, Circle/Brittyo is a poetry-on-picture/picture-on-poetry project between Taniya and artist B.M. Jamal Hussain—Taniya's poems discovering and inferring the meanings and mysteries of B. M. Jamal Hussain's paintings or Hussain reciprocating to Taniya's verses. B.M. Jamal Hussain is the Consul General, Dubai-Bangladesh Consulate. B.M. Jamal Hussain observes, "Ink on white paper is the beginning of a painting. The artist does not understand these images of the unconscious mind. Taniya admirably discovers and interprets these meanings". In Circle, eleven poems by Taniya Chakraborty respond to eleven paintings by B. M. Jamal Hussain.

Noted poet-translators are M. Shahnazar, Hassan Hegazy Hassan, Kusum Jain, Arunava Chatterjee and Kushal Bhowmik.

The book, that may be read in five languages, was launched by acclaimed Arabic poet Sultan Al Ketbi. 

The launch was graced by Urban Readers and Bayanno Television's CIP Mahtabur Rahman Nasir (Chairman, Al Haramain Group and Bayanno Television), Moazzem Hossain (President‐Abu Dhabi), Aalhaz M A Bashar (President-Sharjah), Anwar Shahjahan (Treasurer, Art and Culture Collective, London), Arif Vulder (CEO, Danube Properties) and Nausher Ali (Organiser, Urban Readers).

In the words of Taniya Chakraborty, "Poetry is a weapon against communal disaccord". She further explains her artistic process, "to create poetry or art, there may not be a definite reason. It is a supernatural inspiration. To me, poetry is like a sleeping child. Like a sleeping child grows, so does my poetry, secluded".

Poets from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan—Fahadur Rahman, Syed Ali Hamid Zaidi and Syed Aman Haider Zaidi read at the release of Brittyo/Circle

The launch commemorated deceased President of U.A.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and veteran Bangladeshi journalist Abdul Gaffar Choudhury. 

Consistent with the Consul General's creative enterprise, Aalhaz M. A. Bashar declared the opening of a library at the Bangladesh society in Sharjah.

Circle will soon be available globally on Google Books and Kindle. 


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