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Let Me Go Back Home—Abayomi Abiru

Abayomi is a Nigerian writer with a knack for storytelling through poetry. He holds a master’s degree in Business Systems Analysis and Design from The City University, London. He is also a Certified Cyber Security Personnel specialist.

Abayomi has a passion for nature and storytelling. 

When not writing, Abayomi loves to have engaging conversations with people on the subjects of politics and technology.

Let Me Go Back Home

i have been talking to these walls

since I got in here but

they only reply with echoes

every evening, after work,

emptiness walks me down

to the bedroom. the portraits 

hanging on the wall

stare at me like a stranger

this place is really unfamiliar

i am tired of this crazy 

company of silence and boredom

mama looks at me

from one of the portraits

with pity. perhaps she hears

my kitchen complaints 

of choking on smoke. this

cooker always burns my food 

maybe this is what 

freedom means—a longing

to return home. to return to

the chores of my mama

the yelling of my papa

my brother jumping over me

the deep love of a family


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