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Maid Corbic is from Tuzla, Bosnia. He is 22 years old. In his spare time, he writes poetry that has been praised and rewarded. He acts as moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art portal led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition at a page of the same name that aims to bring together world wide poets. Many of his works are part of anthologies.


In that galaxy that fought various battles between the U and C planets in the Netropolit galaxy, there was one small and dilapidated kitsch. Absolutely no one could enter that house in accordance with the fact that the cryptids said that it was haunted and that no one was allowed to stay in it for a single moment. She belonged to a neutral zone, and aliens from both galaxies frequently fought for her wealth in the house. They knew for sure that she was in that fading house that had glowing effects when the meat fell, a lot that could be kept. It was believed that this house could absolutely bring a lot of bad things if anyone thought of it, and even more so if they stole something from it without question.

The glowing house that in the dark gave some silhouettes of life and existence. They were aware that the aliens who were fighting for something that was not theirs, that kitsch healed them all. The battles often lasted until they were helpless, and apart from the aliens, people from Netropolit II lived on that neutral ground. They looked more like zombies than ordinary people from the normal world. The galaxy was something very special to them, and they thought they had to defend a part of that house that didn't light up every night and interfere with others' work. Those people with unbroken teens who lived in Netropolit II realized that the axis of this house could get a lot because otherwise they wanted to baptize all their lives. They wanted to have everything that no one else had and to open up space for them to take all the pizzas. No one dreamed that hell would start there when the hybrids from Netropolit II wanted to take everything under themselves and destroy what little this luminous house had on neutral ground.

The days were turned more into darkness when one precious object disappeared, a man who had wealth all over the world. He managed all the dimensions and spaces, but also all the times that were on the Metropolitan. The galaxy had more water in it, so one day they swam, and the next day they were dry. The aliens fought from the U and C planets for Netropolit, so that in Netropolit there was a luminous house, which, although passionate, certainly led to the house which, among others, had at least the wealth of the world in various gems and trifles that could not be stolen. This time it was a success, but unfortunately, all of that is now falling into the water, and this is where the fiercest battles of epic proportions start.

With the U and C planets, the aliens are slowly gaining more and more advantages due to the fact that they had advanced technologies that killed and even killed civilians who looked like people from Netropolit and Netropolit II, and kitsch in neutral terrain. They killed caterpillars, so-called ordinary people who looked like zombies. They fed on animal larvae on their planet and reproduced like lunatics based on faces and the virus they spread. No one could have dreamed that this was the beginning of the end and that the shining house could inflict its evil on those charms that take human lives more and more. It's as if she has a father, because everyone who wants to get closer to her always gets something bad. That something does not give peace to the devil, and the opinion is that nothing will ever be better. What is life like if we don't get to build everything we want, to be wealthy and content? Time is no longer on our side, and every gram of attention has been turned into a fall with no return. The aliens continued the war with the U and C planets with the capture of Netropolit, while the house that was lit was becoming more and more dangerous for all of us.

She gave some clues that it would not be so easy or good that she had everything in the world to feed all the planets. Now that she has lost a part of herself, it is not clear to everyone why and how it happened, so that no one who wanted to steal all those laser beams and various weapons possessed the secret which, but only gold. No one knew how it happened. Now that everything has changed, we still have to wait for my mother to fight with herself and to build that glowing house full of ghosts that occupied the Serbian evenings after midnight and sought their peace of mind. That fear and trembling froze all my veins, and it was never clear to everyone how such a fate could have happened. How it is still impossible, how it is still that all the things we did normally until yesterday are falling into darkness and despair today. And everything we’ve been up to now has fallen into the water as the wars on the U and C planets for the Metropolitan continue and the house is shining more and more.

As time goes on, we all realize that nothing is good and that every dream is getting worse and worse. Nobody can stop that bundle of light and our life's narrative from leading to some strange bundles and arias of apathy and life. It used to be different when on our day we rushed to a house that was less bright during the day but gave a symbol of unity and wealth, and now we live in fear. That house is not like it used to be. Now it is dangerous for all of us, so we live in fear and trembling that something bad will happen to us. None of us believe this is a war, and everything is getting worse and worse as a result of radiation and other objects. Nobody can stop that bundle of light and our life's narrative from leading to some strange bundles and arias of apathy and life. It used to be different when on our day we rushed to a house that was less bright during the day but gave a symbol of unity and wealth, and now we live in fear. That house is not like it used to be. Now it is dangerous for all of us, so we live in fear and trembling that something bad will happen to us. None of us believe that this is a war and that we are being watched by radiation and all the other objects of our nightmare that are eroding our bodies and turning us into lunatics and scoundrels. We had to do something, but our hands were cut off because we did not have peace and respect for everyone around us. The measure of everything was money, while the cryptids still shined with their lasers for over ten years to capture the planet, and thus the house that shines with both ghosts and gold on the Netropolitan planet that was supposedly theirs, not between the two Metropolitan planets. and Metropolitan II. With the virtues and vices at hand, we must still be aware that cryptides have become dangerous drops and hybrids over time because they have attacked all people. This chaos in the head does not give peace to everyone because this war does not stop, does not subside, and more than ever, all the weapons and all the lies of the world are now focused on us to save the planet Earth floating in the air. He seeks salvation, but it cannot be found that aliens are the ones who continue to create this world full of discord and reasons for non-life. The house is a source of trouble for anyone who wants to take it with weapons, force, or kindness. For enemies, she is so infertile because people die quickly if they see something bad or think something bad. The luminous house, the one with the inhospitable terrain that fed the blood from the ground where people died when they reached it anytime and anywhere, got bigger and bigger, reaching an irrational height. When she reached the climax of her residence, no one could touch her door anymore. That house liberated all of us who believed that something could be better, because the danger is now on us. Permanent life was at stake, and the struggles were getting fiercer and stronger with the aliens, who were questioning life for the sake of the galaxy when this sketch rules everyone who thinks of something. She turns them into various kinds of weirdos and idiots, and from some of the diseases she wishes for, they quickly die without mercy. Cryptids are more dangerous now because they want to kill everyone around them and be the main forces. Home aliens are fighting for planets U and C, in addition to the existing ones. It is still unclear how the war came about and why, but they need to focus on the house at the cost of their lives.

Times change, and with them, people. The wars stopped after forty-eight years, and in the two hundred and four thousandth century, people began to wonder why they did not fight for the vote and the right to everything they did. That house was no longer so bright because it was clearing the galaxy and the sun was blazing harder and harder. With the help of some good people, everything comes into its own. They go to war to fight with the house and to finally build some dreams of everything that everyone wanted, to live normally and to have everything they wanted. Not to wage war with each other, but to build peace. That was their wish, because it was only necessary at the end of everything. Only unity and peace can save all people from all evil. It is necessary at the end of everything because peace is justified only if we have a gram of attention and respect for ourselves and others. And still unaware that wars are passing and coming to us, we all go together to the glowing house that lights up all the vices every century and day.

The entrance is moving slowly. The crystal ball was missing, and that's why there was a problem with everything. Finally, an alien from U Planet returned the ball to the elder, a small kryptonite ready to support justice and peace. The ball has returned, and everything appears to be back in paradise; the birds are singing, and the house that had been suspended in the trees for so long has now been lowered to the ground, while the dead are preached like phoenix birds. Everything came into its own. The aliens greeted the spacecraft with a single tour and flew off into the endless twilight, while the aliens still shone no matter what, but it didn't give the residents any problems. Now everything was fine, but the noise of the lasers was still heard from the U planet, because they were celebrating the victory. C celebrated life, and the neutral ground remained neutral in the end. They only come to her, sometimes hybrids, to welcome the new life brought by the corn plantation as fuel for UFO aircraft. Life has made sense because people have realized that peace eventually escapes. The galaxies are extinct and life is back to normal. Only the cryptids are still eating cryptonoids, and everything is normal again in the world of Netropolit, except now there is no war, but fear and sadness are not to be eaten for breakfast. The world has suffered once again, and while life must continue as soon as possible, try to achieve goals in life. So, everything appears to be normal, and Netropolit I and Netropolit II are forever linked into the big chests, which move many obstacles and many love senses, and they are ready to face the greatest challenges, to be friends more than ever.


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