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Poetry—Ritwika Saha

Ritwika Saha is a post-graduate in English from IGNOU. She has done her graduation from West Bengal State University in Barrackpore Rashtraguru Surendranath College. She has a keen interest in the fields of oriental and occidental feminism, Existentialism, and young adult fiction. She has made a short silent film on her graduation as a Film Studies project for which her team has been awarded as 1st runner up from JIS college. She has presented multidisciplinary papers in different webinars, also her poems got published in Open Skies Quarterly book, 9th volume of Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal in 2022 and Culture Flash Intl. Magazine in 2021. 

The Self Realisation Poem

I see only human

the rest is pure assumption.

For me, it is to speak

I am you and you are me.

I was born pure,

they put me through this.

O listen stranger!

You can remain sweet, don't pay them so quick.

'Cause they'll build a foundation

So high and weak!

I say we are alike,

but they put their tainted words

into our juvenile minds.

It is for them to understand-

We are all destined for one path.

We are the lost hope

of the old Romantics...

Let's revive the oldest glory.

Trusting the Evil can be easy,

but, fighting for the Great Cause 

is the act of bravery! 

Another Wasteland

“Room as dark

as a moonless night.

I saw nothing when

I looked in fright!

Paralyzed by the cruel

nature of the room, 

I crawled aimlessly

to quench my curiosity.

There! I found a window,

pane as cold

as human heart.

I peeped through it 

with my poor sight 

and the head numb.

Then saw silhouette

of a tall figure,

getting bigger and bigger

as it came nearer.

A sense of fear

grasped around me…

Somehow, again I fell asleep

with nothing inside me.”

And so, we were 

pushed back

and locked up

in the ghettos

of the terrain.

We all are part

of their darkest plans,

breathing endlessly

in vain.


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