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Cold Corpses—Pragya Suman

Dr Pragya Suman is a doctor by profession and an award winning author from India.  

She won the Gideon poetry award for poetry of her debut book Lost Mother and Poet of the Year Award, Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada for her second prose poetry book, Photonic Postcard.

Dr Pragya Suman is Editor in Chief, Arc Magazine, India.

Cold  Corpses

As long as     

                    the people around me           turning  up

In cold corpses    

                             tucked in white shroud           I step up

A ladder more    

                              And stalagmite of my soul    chiseled up–

But the exceptions         


Erected on bier     mother’s decked in marigolds

Father’s big toe peeping out 


 brother’s lower jaw elevated     one by one

They all went

 I saw and ran  up       covered

Bunch of  steps  in one  leap       leaving       beneath  the  earthlings. 

People of walking world/mocks me/mad mattoid one

                but  I  am  alive  in  my  senses among dead ones.


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