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Poetry—A Visage, The Eyes, Dreams—Clyde L. Borg

Clyde L. Borg is a retired high school teacher and administrator.

He has been writing poetry and nonfiction since 1998. Some of his work has appeared in History Magazine, Nostalgia Magazine, Leaves Magazine and Eve Poetry Magazine. He resides in Fords, NJ.


She called my name!

Peering over my shoulder

I saw her hovering above.

She was clad in white,

A long flowing gown

Offsetting her striking black hair.

What was her mission?

What did she portend.


Be wary of the eyes,

All tints and shades.

Appearing placid,

But filled with hate and envy,

Penetrating, permeating,

Hidden behind empty smiles,

Their malice lurking

Within furtive glances

That deliver their evil intent.


They come at night

To gratify or frighten.

Seldom are they portentous,

But those we conjure

Are the disappointing ones.


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