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The Heart's Repair—Inam Hussain Begg Mullick

Inam Hussain Begg Mullick is an award-winning Kolkatan polymath and The Founder-Editor, The Kolkata Arts. 

The Heart's Repair 

The songster jazz bird triumphs in garden and big city sky,

The morning gaz gleams with the river's freedom reply.

The cornet is a vast, glorious eagle in Allah's room,

The jazz bird's golden sweat, creation's astral perfume.

Oksana, you and I love across worlds and ages, of the same essence,

Adam and Eve—orientalism, upheavals, Carl Jung and transcendence.

Your eyes and gestures, graceful Russian proverbs from dream lips,

You analyze the hostilities; and fleets of sailing, immortal ships.

The parrot and the crow awaken to victory and superflowers,

The world is aglow with love, hares rejoice in brilliant Jesus hours.

Tender leaves of the cosmos, a Sufi paints the mystic day with calligraphic prayer,

The sleeves of the saints are green, I weave my breath on the Persian Ney, beloved's doctrinaire.          


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