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Regarding Your Critique—Keith Hoerner

Published in 100+ literary journals across five continents, Keith Hoerner (BS, MFA) is founding editor of the Webby Award-recognized Mircrofiction e-zine / print anthology: The Dribble Drabble Review. A Best of the Net nominee, he is also a Best Book and American Writing Award Finalist.

Regarding Your Critique 

You shared 

your writing 

with me. 

An extension 

of friendship, 

like a handshake. 

More like the 

reaching out 

of hands 

with the chance to be held 

– or swatted – 

open palmed. 


emptying pockets 

to reveal 

hidden things 

among the embarrassment 

of collected lint, 

is a 



Your shadows 


with mine, 

achieving the density 

of darkness 

that brings on the dawn. 

How can I thank you? 

For selflessly taking my hands 

and guiding me 

to an unknown resting place 

within the pages 

of you. 

I spoke in an attempt 

to reciprocate. 

My words: 


to your beach 

of memory. 


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