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Poetry—Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming hails with Allen Yuan from Credits include 12 Pushcart nominations & 13 chapbooks (most recently E.dening) besides appearances in Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17), BestNewPoemsOnline & Poetry Daily, among others across 48 countries. Yuan served on the jury and was nominated for Canada's National Magazine Awards (poetry category). 

Tender in Between: for Helena Qi Hong

As night


Can day

Catch it

From the other

Side of

This world?


The broken heart

Is being

Caressed by

All the fingers

Of starlight

As tender as


Relay of Love: for Helena Qi Hong

Living on the opposite sides of 

The world, we take turns to go 

To bed, each waking up 

To become part of the other 

In the same dream, even

About the same moment 

Day & night

Though, alas, on different beds

In different time zones

For Helena Qi Hong: Having Missed U

On my way 

To Dao 

I was so 


Held up

In my dream  

Of U

Of me

Of us 

As to become

Two quanta

Long lost 

But as entangled 

As ever  

In Insomnia: for Helena Qi Hong

In this 


Moment of


There are all

The muted 

Sounds of



An indefinitely 


Trail of feel

Like a train

Running with 

Endless cars

On a rail

Stretching afar


The morning glow

Reverie: for Helena Qi Hong


Out of his

Frame of 


& flowing 

Into her 



His missing for her 

Kept splashing


The wild


Of last night

Until it

Joins her

At dawn

Like a waterfall


Gathering: for Helena Qi Hong

Sitting at the every table

Is a rearranged array

Of familiar shapes of 

Strange bodies (or

Strange shapes of

Familiar bodies)

Silhouetting boisterously

Against night. Reflecting

From the glass are 

Different colors of your 

Friends voices speaking

From disparate distances

One from Vancouver, another

From Jingzhou, a third from

Melbourne. When the party

Ends in the midnight

Theyll all withdraw into

Ghostly existences, some-

Where as far away from

The present as from 

This spot of being

Like one of your whims

Bubbling only to break 


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