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Guernica—Arnab Chatterjee

Guernica (Spanish: [ɡeɾˈnika]; Basque: [ɡernika]) is a large 1937 oil painting by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

Arnab Chatterjee is an academic, poet, fiction writer and playwright. He is an Editor and Advisor, The Kolkata Arts.
These poems are from Guernica, published by Blue Roses. 

1. Guernica

Translucent, like a bungling window

half-crossed by curtains;

or a Guernica tossed to the skies

in heavy rain—

Life moves on, paranoid

obese; with a thousand sores,

committing incest, munching trash—

in cheap, abandoned stores. 

2. Midnight Blues

This is

what we’ve become

in the dead of the night,


the sky shows

a scratch, proudly

after having labored

a twilight of lust.

Let’s see

what then awaits—

when heaven itself

refuses to kiss,

and, instead—

rudely kicks at the door;

wherein resides one

who pulls everyone

almost anyone in,

when near-misty lanes

shut their eyes

in the heat of the day.

3. The Garden Complains


The cosmos spreads

a feast of colours.

The garden complains,

an absence of leaves.

4. Myopic Eyes

At the end of the day

vehicles roar and sleep;

settling the dizzy flames


in blind, myopic eyes.

5. In the Midst

In the midst of life

he pulls himself;

till the chord of breath—


a much-needed knot.

6. I Await 

I await that day

when this earth shall finally stop.

I await that night—

when dreams shall be stored

in overflowing jars. 

7. A Million Icicles 

A bushfire

in those open fields,

summon the brats.

And then,

the cosmos seems to sing

in the lonely winter. 


those windows remain shut

sealed by tales of pain,

that have endured

but a million icicles. 

8. A Dry Kiss

A dry kiss tonight

will no longer heal.

Just some words thrown

on that pavement of love,

like tangled, decaying locks

shall not console. 

9. Windows


are opened and closed.

Like words,

till they cannot go further

and are sold in cheap trays—

with the tray eagerly bartered

and the syllable ostracized. 

10. A Sudden Metamorphosis

A sudden metamorphosis occurred tonight.

Enough to turn a pool acidic,


to darken an abyss.

11. Silence Screeches

Silence screeches

in the middle of warm nights.

Till one wakes up

and whispers in the dark.

12. Within the Bush

Within the bush

beneath those trees,

he found something.


he’ll not name it.

13. Who Knows?

Who knows,

what’ll come

and stare at our faces

sufficient just for a grin—

Made only

for a paltry existence

looking into blind alleys.

14. A Snail Climbs

A snail climbs a wet branch.

Skeletons lie scattered, 

in thousands… 

Thus, I see

these twin images—

and that reminds me

of the bygone days,

left burning, like a cake

in a short-circuited oven.

15. Now 


nothing can heal this gash.

If someone does,

where will thousands hide

when Destruction is due?

16. Lost Eggs

The earth digs within

to find lost eggs.

The leaves conspire

and the waters sting. 

At the edge of time

where the rainbow ends

sits a fool

in a sage’s outfit. 

17. Tuber

There’s nothing now

that can repair this—

not even a cool dig,

down those primitive farms.

As we did once, with hands as spades.

Like a tuber, intransigent

about to be exhumed—

the land snores now

like an alligator,

full of life within. 

18. Tonight

This little pup tonight

plays with a deformed ball

in a nondescript room

among people;

Who did not care

where its toy lay hidden

when it howled days ago.

Like a werewolf

threatening the darkness

within their souls. 

19. The Evening Drips

The evening drips

into your tresses unlocked—

a bedraggled pair.

But those lanes will not conspire,

the music shall live on.

20. Finally

Events repeat

like the sun’s motion,

or the thief’s steps;

Till we cannot say

when was it

when we laughed well

or when—

that curtain of life 

came down  



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