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Song—Inam Hussain Begg Mullick

Inam Hussain Begg Mullick is an award-winning Kolkatan polymath and the Director-Founder-Editor, The Kolkata Arts. 


two idiots argue

at the Tower of Babel,

charnel faces move

outside the window,

I chase

my sorrow

with a thunderbolt,

surgical knives and scissors,

and kill it;

in silence

I worship you,

roadsigns and milestones

appear in the fog,

secret lovers and bloodsoaked poems,

I smell you in my body

and go back


you speak

already inside my body,

at the street corner

I make love

to a goddess

sweating wild and emanating

the scent of summer,

her wealth of breasts;

suicidal angels bid me


I wrestle

in a nightmare,

the voice of tears

is loud

this lonely night,

a ship forgives the sun,

birds and angels

are happy

only in their flight,

I am Sania Mirza’s lover


dissolve in her hair

and I let fly

the hypnotized swans.