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Fervently—Lee Eustace

Lee Eustace is a writer and a poet who is often based in Dublin, Ireland and sometimes based wherever his backpack will take him. Lee's work (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction) has reached an international audience on platforms such as Please See Me and SeaGlass Literary (United States), Eunoia Review (Singapore), and Free_The_Verse, Apricot Press and London Wildlife Trust (United Kingdom). He is also recently published in Ireland in The Martello Journal. Additionally, Lee is well known in the local community for a set of creative nonfiction works “Bread and Jam” which he penned based on the lives of the members in a local community centre for the elderly. Follow Lee’s progress on Instagram @creativeleestorytelling


“I do” is up there in the English language 

with the most powerful of three letter terms. 

Alongside “die” and sexuality slurs. 

You know the ones that carry such meaning

When spoken in hastened breath. 

There’s one for you – “hastened breath,”

I wonder is that the opposite of bated breath?  

When’s the last time I said “die” 

or “I do” in my workspace?

But give me another letter and I’ll make

The f-word. And that features frequently. 



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