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Poetry—R. Bremner

r. bremner has spent a wasted and useless life. his putrid work has soiled the pages of International Poetry Review, Quarterday, Paterson Literary Review, Oleander Review, Passaic Review (issue #1 with Allen Ginsberg), The Journal of Formal Poetry, Anthem: a Leonard Cohen Tribute Anthology, Climate of Opinion: Sigmund Freud in Poetry, Red Wheelbarrow, etc. he has published eight print books including Hungry Words (Alien Buddha Press) and has thrice won honors in the Allen Ginsberg Awards (2016, 2017, 2018). ron lives with his sociologist wife of 34 years in wonderful Northeast New Jersey, USA. He invites you to visit his awful instagram poetry at beat_poet1 and Absurdist_poet.

Things to do after your candidate has conceded defeat:

React when you find the time
Stutter when you bluff.
Bluff when your hopes have collapsed. 
Soak your leaf bags in gasoline before burning.
Burn your poems that you have collected in leaf bags.
Change your bedside manner to accommodate bedbugs.
Hoist a jar of molasses above the television news and smash it.
Bite everyone’s thumb but your own.
Spill your guts into an oily milk chamber.
Mutter knowingly about the prey you will fetch and punish.
Stop praying for at least a week.
Hiss at the thief who stole your former life, then spit when her name comes up,
Sleep, perchance to dream.
Wake, perchance to live and drink coffee.
Live to realize another day.


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