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Haiku—Jennifer Gurney

Jennifer Gurney lives in Colorado where she teaches, paints, writes and hikes. She is a newly published poet, at age 59. Jennifer has also published commentary about poetry and poetry-related essays. During the pandemic she joined the online poetry community of The Daily Haiku. Poetry has been a lifeline.


I feel the distance

From earth to heaven

More some days


Sometimes even

Together we face 

The greatest distance


The heart's journey

Travels long distances when

You are human


The shortest distance

To cross sometimes requires

The most steps


Those tragic phone calls

With life-altering news

We've all answered them


The distance between

I and we is often just



Memories don't die

They live on eternally

Our souls connected


I have cried out

All my tears for you 

All that's left is love


Sounds that Annoy Me

Dogs barking endlessly

Fingernails on a chalkboard



Out of focus

I strain to see the lighthouse

Through all of the fog


Half moon arising

Sharing your light with the dark



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