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Poems—Petrouchka Alexieva

Miss Petrouchka Alexieva is well-known as a feminist and a LOVE poet, distinguished scholar and TV persona. She is a Cum Laude graduate at CSULA (2009) and “All American Scholar Award” recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her literary and scholarly works, photo-documentaries were highlighted in varieties of venues, on  Daheli Live!” TV show, opening ceremonies and numerous open mics. For her outstanding life-long achievements, Ms. Alexieva’s name was included two times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list, for which she has been awarded with honorable certificates.

Father’s Heart

Black warning flags wave on the wind

Sirens sound loud on the shore.

Big thunders roar far in the sea.

All fisher boats are rushing back home

Only one is sailing towards the storm.

The old fisher man stares with hope

That he will get just on time, 

To help his son and pull the trawl

Before the clouds bring the dark.

No storm can scare the father’s heart. 

Quilt of Life

“Please, stay. Let’s make this life together!”

My father said to my mom in the morning.

This is what life is, a colorful quilt –

In size that we can make it by choice.

Every piece has its story; every color is a season of love,

Happiness or some sorrows, and disappointments

When something doesn’t fit perfectly on the corners, 

But it can be fixed with another colorful patch.

It takes work patience and dedication,

Few sparkles in the eyes and keep going with smile

When the weather is not very pleasant,

But the quilt will worm us up. It is our taste of life.

It's a Rainy Day...

It's a rainy day...

Water pours like hell from above;

Water river is big like the street 

On which I am waiting for you.

It's a rainy day... 

Thunders roar like angry lions

shaking the ground bellow.

Then, seconds of silence

After all … 

But I am waiting for you and I know…

I know you will come...

I am soaked in this storm.

(What a useless umbrella!) 

You will come…

I will be on my knee…

Will you marry me?


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