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Human Relationships, Autobiography and Confession: An Unfinished Story by Kunal Roy By: Sreetanwi Chakraborty

Human Relationships, Autobiography and Confession: An Unfinished Story by Kunal Roy

By: Sreetanwi Chakraborty

Bibliographic Information:

Name of the Book: Confession: An Unfinished Story

Author: Kunal Roy

Publisher: Nirob Aalo Prakashan

Language: English

ISBN: 978-81-962576-7-5

Price: INR 40

Confession: An Unfinished Story by Kunal Roy is a poignant autobiography that invites readers into the intimate corners of the author’s life. Roy’s narrative unfolds in three distinct parts, each serving as a window into his journey filled with trials, victories, and profound personal growth. The book commences with a vivid portrayal of Roy’s early years in the vibrant city of Kolkata, India. The author paints a vivid picture of his childhood, characterized by health challenges and youthful mischief. He recounts, “I was born in Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of India, also known as the City of Joy, as told by Dominique Lapierre in his book of the same name. I was born to my parents eight years after their wedding.” This early section sets the stage for the resilience that would define Roy’s life, as he navigated through adversity with determination and the pursuit of academic excellence. In the introductory segment of the book, the author delves into the intricate web of family dynamics, particularly the turbulent relationship between his father and his youngest aunt. Roy’s candid revelations expose the emotional turmoil he faced due to family conflicts and the loss of his parents. He candidly shares, “Losing my parents, the emotional blackmail of my father’s youngest sister, the abuse of my parents, and sexual harassment were just a few of the challenges I faced.” These challenges became defining moments, shaping his character and perspective on life.

As the moments intensify, the book provides a glimpse into Roy’s journey through a series of health crises, ultimately culminating in a life-threatening battle with pancreatitis. His detailed accounts of these medical struggles are both gut-wrenching and inspiring. The reader is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as Roy’s resilience and determination to overcome these life-threatening obstacles shine through. His narrative paints a vivid picture of the physical and emotional toll these experiences took on him. The final part offers insight into Roy’s present life, characterized by solitude and the weight of profound loss. He reflects, “I stay alone, and I have not yet entered the nuptial knot. Colleagues and a few close ones often advise me to get married and settle down.” Roy's introspective musings provide a window into his mindset, exploring themes of love, solitude, and the role of astrology in his life. This section showcases his willingness to confront his circumstances and continue his journey of self-discovery. While Confession: An Unfinished Story is undoubtedly a deeply personal and emotionally resonant autobiography, it does have some areas that are a new expanded vision to the contemporary readers. The book’s structure could benefit from clearer chapter divisions and headings to enhance its overall readability. Additionally, the writing would benefit from a more thorough editing process to address grammatical errors and awkward phrasings, which occasionally disrupt the flow of the narrative.

In conclusion it can be said that Confession: An Unfinished Story is a compelling autobiography that invites readers to bear witness to the author’s raw and unfiltered life journey. Kunal Roy’s authenticity and emotional depth make this book a compelling read for those intrigued by personal narratives and the intricate complexities of human experience. Despite its truncated body, the book’s poignant storytelling and the author’s unwavering resilience are certain to leave a lasting imprint on the hearts of its readers.

About the reviewer: 

Sreetanwi Chakraborty is an Assistant Professor in Amity Institute of English Studies and Research, Amity University Kolkata. She is also the chief editor of a bilingual biannual journal Litinfinite, with multiple indexing of international repute and archived in 240 global libraries. Apart from her research papers published in Scopus, Web of Science and UGC Care journals, her works have also been published in Ekdin, Uttarer Saradin, Setumag, Dainik Gati, The Darjeeling Chronicle, Darjeeling Times, POL, The Dhaka Review, The Dhaka Tribune, Outlook India, The Times of India,The Daily Bhorer Alo (Bangladesh), Muse India, Kochi Post, Kavya Bharati, Asian Cha, Poetry Potion (SA), Poetry Conclave and many more. She has read her poems on invitation by the Sahitya Akademi, the WB Kabita Academy, Samyukta Poetry and acted as a poet and session moderator at the Chandrabhaga Poetry Festival. Her book The Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Feminist Interpretation of Fairy Tales received the ‘Rising Star’ non-fiction award in New Town book fair in 2019. She has two sole poetry books and is an invited poet to 18 anthologies. Her recent work includes ‘Rhododendrons’, a novella, 'Of Dry Tongues and Brave Hearts' (Anthology, English, Red River Publication) and a translated short story in an anthology of Kazi Nazrul Islam's short stories, a project from Kazi Nazrul University (Orient Blackswan). One of her paintings has been selected by Sahitya Akademi as the cover design for Prachi journal in 2023. 


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